Winn Dixie Weekly Ad In Action

This week we are going to explore a Winn Dixie weekly ad and see what kind of typical savings we can come away with. Keep in mind I am going to shop for pretty common items so that I can hypothetically appeal to most every person or family when it comes to grocery shopping. Keep in mind that the Winn Dixie weekly flyer has subtle differences from other WD’s in your area so you may want to explore a store that’s a little bit further from home if it has deals that are worth it!

First, I am going to open up my Winn Dixie weekly ad and assemble a shopping list starting with the BOGO offers, then from there I will look at the Winn Dixie sales that are located deep within the pages. After that, I will top it off with the required things almost every family buys such as Milk, eggs, etc. Also, keep in mind I will round off the .99 products to the nearest dollar.

On the first page of my weekly flyer I see the pork chops are on sale and these are great for when I really don’t want to cook an elaborate meal; I simply season them with Badia complete seasoning and a little salt and pepper and I couple that with brown or white rice and my family is set for the night! Anyway, I will buy 8 lbs of them because I will save $12.00 on my purchase and the pork chops will last for at least a month in my auxiliary freezer located in my garage. On the same page right next to this I see the Sanderson Farms boneless chicken breasts with similar savings and I will by this BOGO offer and save $9.00 as I buy 4 packs! Right about now, my Winn Dixie weekly ad is looking terrific as I have spent $21.00 and I have saved exactly that much, too.

BOGO offers on the first few pages of the Winn dixie weekly flyer can make a huge difference in your pocket.Next, while on the front page as well as the next few pages of my Winn Dixie weekly flyer, I am going to pick out the other BOGO offers and limit myself to just one extra item for each of those special deals. This means I will spend as much money as I save on each product. I will pick; 2 Russet potatoes and save $5.00, 2 Hormel bacon and save $6.00, 2 Breyers Ice Cream for $5.00, 2-9.6 oz of Kraft mozzarella cheese for a savings of another $5.00, 2 Chinet napkins for $2.49, and 2 Betty Crocker cakes for another savings of $2.49, Here, as you can see, I did not go overboard and I chose only products that maybe the average shopper would buy, and I still saved another $25.98! So, by just using the BOGO offers, we are already at $46.98 with $93.96 dollars worth of groceries! This is the magic of using a Winn Dixie weekly ad.

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad In Action

Finally, I added all the other Winn Dixie deals and I really dug deep to get the best and most common products such as apples, orange juice, English muffins, and many others to save another $31.00 off of the $94.00 in additional items.

All in all, I spent roughly $109.98, give or take a dollar, and ended up with $187.96 in merchandise for a total savings of $77.98!

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