Weekly Ads Make All The Difference In the World

If you have ever wondered or doubted how effective using weekly ads can be for you, here’s an example of a typical person’s savings throughout one year. The individual we are talking about is me!

I live in South Florida where the typical stores for basic necessities are Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Home Depot. Using the weekly ads and specials for these stores alone saved me well over $5,000.00 in 2013. In 2014, I am well on my way to surpassing that figure.

save money weekly ads

Everyone has their own reasons to save money using these weekly flyers and here is mine; I use the funds for at least two vacations a year to my family’s favorite spot; the Florida Keys. When we visit the Keys, we usually stay at the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel and we always end up making magical memories during every trip.

Here’s how I do it:

Starting with the most basic necessities; foods! I mostly shop at Publix for my grocery needs. Their website makes it easy for me to research the buy one get one free (BOGO) offers as the basis for my shopping list. By picking out these offers before anything else, I can save a substantial amount of money almost every visit and the best news of all is I only choose healthy foods that my family will eat.

I rarely use coupons and if I do, I use the ones I can find online and load into a reward card for a particular store. I find it difficult to sit around on a Sunday morning cutting out coupons when I can be doing something more worthwhile such as going to church and spending fun and relaxing times with my family. You may find the coupon thing is right for you and if you do like it, you can combine them with weekly ads from your favorite stores and save even more money than I do every year!

With Publix weekly ads, I can easily save about $2,600.00 every year without breaking a sweat. I shop every week so I can take advantage of the weekly flyers and I save an average of 50 bucks a week. Here is how it breaks down; 52 weeks a year X $50.00 = $2,600.00. I want to add there are weeks where I save only 30-40 dollars and weeks where I can save 50-80 dollars. For me, it averages to about 50 dollars a week in savings.

By the way, I use Costco or BJ’s Warehouse for a few thing when I buy in bulk such as toilet paper and dry goods. I also have noticed the prices at Walmart are rock bottom for many items but sadly, the nearest one is located approximately 14 miles from my house and it becomes bothersome when I am in a hurry.

Next, for my family’s toiletries, I use Walgreens and the CVS weekly ad to add plenty of extra money to my savings account. Both stores offer rewards cards; CVS has the “my weekly ad” section where you can assemble and print your shopping list with personalized deals and discounts. Walgreens has a rewards card that I have really come to love as it offers awesome discounts. What’s really cool about Walgreens weekly ad section aside from the deals and bonus buys is the paperless coupons which you can attach to your rewards card balance.

By using the weekly ads for these two stores alone I can add approximately another $1,200.00 a year in savings. When I factor in all the savings from my purchases at all other department stores, movie tickets, oil changes, and any other household or vehicle discount I can find, I can add another $2,000.00 into the mix.

It’s all a matter of practice. For example, if you were to start using weekly ads to save money you could try using one from your favorite grocery store and milking it for all it is worth for a few weeks. You will get better at picking out items and knowing what and what not to buy at certain times. Before you know it, you will be adding the weekly ads from other stores into your repertoire and saving tons of money like many people do!

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