Payless Grocery Weekly Ads

The Payless grocery store chain has been around since 1947 and it was eventually acquired by the Kroger Company during the 90s.

Looking at the website for the Payless supermarket weekly ad section, you will quickly see a “find it fast” section when you can access the weekly ad in your area as well as all the ad categories and additionally, a great set of recipes for virtually any dish. The weekly ads themselves are full of great savings and I found it very easy to assemble a great shopping list which could help me save quite a bit of money on one shopping trip.

Before you shop at Payless grocery it’s important to apply for a plus card so you can accumulate points and have access to tremendous savings. The Pay Less plus card also allows you to download coupons directly onto it for added savings.

Payless FoodsPayless supermarket stores also offer a PDF list of products you can buy through their “cart buster savings event.” This grocery store chain also allows you to participate in a fuel program where you can save a substantial amount of money at the pump.


For every 100 fuel points accumulated, you’ll get $.10 off per gallon of fuel. For 200 fuel points, this number climbs to $.20 off per gallon. Finally, with 1000 fuel points, you will get one dollar off per gallon of fuel for one fill-up.


There is no limit to how many fuel points you can accumulate and you can figure that for every dollar of groceries that you buy excluding prescriptions, you will get one fuel point.

Since the average American family spends close to $800-$1,000 a month on groceries and toiletries, this means you’ll get one dollar off a gallon for one trip to the gas station for that month. This will probably equal somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-$30 of savings every month.

Click Here to find the Payless Grocery ads for your area.

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