JCPenney Catalog Turns Contemporary

If you take a look at the newly redesigned JCPenney catalog you may be in for a shock! This is a result of new CEO Ron Johnson’s turnaround plan for this classic American retail store which has been struggling in sales for the past few years. I hear Johnson has radically transformed this company in an effort to make it flourish with a contemporary flair and I like it!

The JCPenney Clearance Rack is Still the Place to Be

While I’m still not sold on the JCPenney rewards program because I would have to spend $250 to get $10 off, I still love shopping through their clearance rack at least once a month so I don’t miss out on any of the really special deals they offer periodically. The last trip I took to my local JCPenney store yielded 4 blouses regularly at $39.99 for $19.99 each and I topped that off with two designer slacks on sale from $49.99 to $35.99. Now that’s what I call savings and it’s the way I shop successfully at this retail chain. I hardly ever buy anything unless it’s on sale and I am constantly looking for the deals and discounts.

The JCPenney Jewelry Department Still Rocks

They have seriously revamped every aspect of their stores to give customers a more contemporary shopping experience and I have recently begun to see a welcome change in their jewelry department. In years past, I have always been able to find that special but inexpensive item through their little glass showcases and I have always come out a happy customer. The last item I purchased in this department was a year ago when I bought my mother a nice Liz Claiborne watch which she absolutely loved and still wears all the time. Now, with the new JCPenney catalog, you are better off looking through it first before either ordering online or picking up the item in the actual store. You can’t lose either way.

Your JCPenney Payment Can Easily Be Made Online

If you are wondering how to pay your bill there is a JCPenney online payment center.

In three easy steps you can take care of your bill. The actual payment date is reflected at least one day after the actual online transaction and sometimes it can take up to three days so try to plan accordingly. I know sometimes it gets a little difficult to pay your bills right on time but knowing the above-mentioned information may help you avoid any late fees.

By the way. you can pick up the latest JCPenney catalog at your area store and I urge you to do it soon; I know you won’t be disappointed.

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