Food City Weekly Ads and Flyers

Food City weekly ads can be found in about 106 stores scattered through Kentucky, Tennessee, in Virginia. This retail grocery chain also has 75 in-store pharmacies as well as 56 places to fuel up.

The Food City weekly ad is rather impressive; it’s full of 10 for $10 deals such as the Chef Boyardee spaghetti meals, the Rice-A-Roni rice meals, and many others. I also saw many great deals on the front page including “buy one get one free” offers.

The food city value card lets you save quite a bit of money while you’re shopping at the store. Food city also features in-store specials as well as value card specials. It also has a tab that offers coupons such as the one I recently saw that said $9.50 in coupon savings.

With so many features in so many opportunities to save lots of money Frugal Froggie gives this one a serious thumbs up.

Click here to get your Food City weekly ads.

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