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Frugal Froggie was born in Frugal Pond somewhere in the outskirts of Frugal City, Frugality, in Frugal County. From an early age, he showed a knack for picking out healthy and cheap insect meals for his entire family and once, when his family was in a serious bind where they had little to eat and they were about to lose their entire lily pad resort, he was able to figure out a way to invent his revolutionary methods of getting a lot for a lot less! His family was saved and the entire frog community hailed him as their hero for life.

We are lucky to welcome Frugal Froggie aboard to help us pick out the most special savings and deals available; if you see his picture next to an article it means the subject of the article is one his personal recommended favorites!

Is it Really Possible to Save Tons of Money through Weekly Ads?

It’s not easy to save money, especially when our current times are tough. But did you know it is entirely possible to drastically cut your grocery bill in half and save big-time bucks on virtually any retail product by shopping with the help of weekly ads? It’s true! It does not make any sense at all these days to shop blindly without at least looking to see what is on sale at your favorite store.

If you don’t like using coupons, that’s no problem at all, either! The one interesting and wonderful thing about using weekly ads is that you can say goodbye to using coupons forever if you really want to. I find it very tedious and time-consuming to cut out coupons from the Sunday newspaper inserts, which, by the way,  is where 80% of coupon usage in the U.S. comes from!

I hope to bring you enough tips to help you learn how to save more money than you ever reamed possible by using these weekly ads so take your time, look through the articles, and take whatever works for you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I wish you success,