Piggly Wiggly Weekly Ads and Flyers

As you locate your Piggly Wiggly weekly ads this week you should know many people don’t know this, but Piggly Wiggly was actually a pioneer in many¬† aspects of grocery shopping. They were actually the first supermarket to offer check out stands so you can pay for your groceries and they were also the first one to mark prices on each item in the stores. They were also the first supermarket chain to offer self service to customers. Piggly Wiggly was founded in 1916 by Mr. Clarence Saunders out of Memphis Tennessee. During those early times the success of this grocery chain was incredible. It filled the need for so many people so much so that the annual sales exceeded 180 million dollars a year even in those early times. To this day, a Piggly Wiggly weekly ad helps many families in the United States stay afloat with their grocery shopping because of all the special deals you can find on them.

The Piggly Wiggly flyer is really easy to follow and always offers many awesome deals to help you with your frugal shopping. Today there are over 750 Piggly Wigglys scattered throughout the US in 17 states. These grocery stores are usually found in small to medium towns where they continue to be extremely popular. They feature a very simple official website where you can read all about them and take a look at all of their merchandise. Get your store locations and while you’re there you can also access a few recipes.

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