A&P Supermarket Weekly Ads and Flyers

A&P Supermarket weekly ads can be found in supermarkets located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut.

A&P stores began way back in 1859 in New York City, and it was comprised of a bunch of little retail coffee and tea stores as well as a mail order business. Late in the 19 century A&P became known as the first grocery chain ever in the United States. Fast forward to about 1950, and A&P supermarket had blossomed into 4000 very large grocery stores as well as hundreds of other smaller stores.

First off, A&P supermarket weekly ads offer senior appreciation Tuesdays where seniors can save 5% on purchases over $30 with their coupon. To take advantage of this deal you have to have a club card which is easy to get by registering online or at the store.

Aside from the great A&P supermarket weekly flyers, their “My + Rewards” card offers a chance where you can download all the manufacturers coupons available to your card so that you don’t have to clip them or carry them into the store.

Another cool feature on their website is the “Live Better” section where you can find a little more about weight control and do things such as calculating your BMI, planning meals, as well as a heart healthy section where you can learn how to control your cholesterol levels and manage your high blood pressure.

A&P also offers a pickup or delivery service where you can order anything from the store from the comfort of your own home and either have it delivered or you can go pick it up.

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