HHGregg is one of those amazing stores that have lately popped up in many states in many locations across the U.S. Using HHGregg weekly ads can take a lot of stress off of you and save the day when you’re trying to find quality appliances and electronics at the lowest prices. It’s not that it’s a new company, HHGregg is been around for some time and in 2009 the profits were well over 1.4 billion. Recently as many Circuit City stores went out of business, HHGregg has put up their stores in the buildings once occupied by Circuit City.

This large retail chain began humbly in 1955 when Mr. Henry Harold and Fansy Gregg opened up their first little store in Indianapolis, Indiana. They started by selling mostly appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators. After that they started selling televisions and items such as radios and other electronics. If you look at the HHGregg weekly flyers right now you’ll see a wide assortment of appliances, electronics, so many in fact, that it takes several minutes just to look through one or two pages.

Something interesting to note about this company is that they are corporate partners for the stadium where the Indianapolis Colts football team plays, and this gives them the right to advertise on the south side of the stadium.

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