Before you take a look at the Food Bazaar weekly ads might want to learn a little bit about the history of this company; it’s pretty interesting. Francis An opened up the first Food Bazaar about 20 years ago in Queens, New York. It turns out Mr. An had migrated to Argentina when he was younger and he fell in love with the culture and food. He eventually moved to New York and he found that he couldn’t find the foods that he liked to eat when he was in Argentina. Thus, Food Bazaar was born. He opened up this grocery retail chain because he wanted to see the same items available that he used to eat in Argentina.

Taking a look at the Food Bazaar weekly ad I can see plenty of one dollar deals which are part of their promotion called “one dollar days.” I also see a bunch of useful items with $.50 to a dollar off the regular price which means to me that I can easily assemble a great basic shopping list off of this weekly ad and round it out with the other necessities that I need to buy for the household while saving quite a bit of money.

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