I get really excited when I talk about the Dollar Tree weekly ads because this is a true dollar store; every item that they sell in their store is one dollar or less. This great discount retail store chain has already close to 5000 stores across 48 of the United States. It actually has nine distribution centers that provide each area with products on a continual basis to ensure their shelves being stocked with quality merchandise.

With the Dollar Tree weekly flyers you are going to see a variety of products; everything from health and beauty products to toys to even food and snacks and party supplies.The story of Dollar Tree started in 1953 when a man by the name of K.R. Perry opened up his first store in Norfolk, Virginia. Although it was not a dollar store at first, in 1986 it became one and it has gone on to be the empire that it is today.

Their official website is one of the most comprehensive ones I have ever seen and it even has a Spanish version. When you visit the site, on the top navigation bars, there are so many categories to choose from and you can easily get lost in looking at their products for a quite a while.

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