You can find a Buehlers weekly ad in the Northeast sections of Ohio in cities such as Ashland, Delaware, Medina, New Philadelphia, Brunswick, and a few others. This chain of retail stores is 100% family-owned by the third-generation Buehler family and it is well-known for carrying produce from the local Amish as well as meats and dairy from local farms.

While you’re opening your Buehlers flyer you may want to know that this company was founded in 1929 in new Philadelphia, Ohio, by the Buehler family. Today, it boasts having 13 different locations and about 3000 employees.

Taking a quick look at the Buehlers weekly ad I could easily see the Ballpark Farms chicken as a buy one get one free offer which could save any of us $5.99 per pound and I also saw a 10 for $10 ready to serve soup on sale. Throw in a little bit of rice and a few vegetables here and there and for about $40 it appears you can feed a family of five for about a week using Buehlers weekly ads!

With this grocery chain, it’s important to sign up for the Buehlers advantage card which gives you a bunch of special offers and rewards, and it helps you save tons of money on the weekly specials and deals. Another interesting thing to note is that they double your coupons every single day. As with many supermarkets you can find coupons available on their website. You can also shop online if that’s what you want to do and you can save tons of money on catering while taking advantage of their pharmacy stores discounts. By using your advantage card you can currently also earn one dollar for every $50 that you spend. This doesn’t sound like much but we all know how quickly and easily we spend $50 at the grocers. This means that every three shopping trips you can accumulate approximately $10 in rewards and  redeem it right away.

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