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Are Weekly Ads Really that Effective?

Is it really possible to use only weekly ads or weekly flyers as they are sometimes called from your favorite retail stores and save a substantial amount of money without having to use any coupons whatsoever? If you are trying to maximize your money-saving potential you have to look at your time as money! What we mean by this is; you can sit down every Sunday for a good two hours and, in the end, come away with only 20 dollars in coupon savings which probably include a few that you really won’t even use at all! To top it off you will have worked for a full two hours completely wiping out any profit.

On the other hand, if you pull out your favorite store’s weekly ad and start picking out items you need you will quickly see how you can save much more money if you factor in the time spent. Not only will you save money on items you usually buy, you will expand your horizons by purchasing quality foods or items you never would have tried if you hadn’t looked at the weekly ads. For example, if you look through the Publix Supermarket ad or Kroger weekly ad you can start picking out the buy one get one free offers (BOGO) that you would like and probably assemble a list of at least five favorite itemsand maybe one or two others that look appealing and usable. Typically, with five to seven BOGO items, you would save somewhere around 20 to 60 dollars already, depending on how many products you bought with the (BOGO) offers. All this in roughly five minutes flat! Now that’s what we call a bargain! As an added bonus, if you wanted to use your coupons on top of that you would save an extra 20-40% off your total bill.

So, the answer is absolutely “yes” you can save a boatload of money using just weekly ads and if you have the time, you can use coupons as an option after you have used them.

Favorite Weekly Ad #1

JCPenney Weekly Ads

JCPenney weekly ads are extremely popular and with good reason. Almost every time you open up your Sunday newspaper you’re going to see some excellent JCPenney ads almost fall right out as if they are calling you!

It’s hard to ignore this department store since it is taken a different turn as it is now more contemporary than ever. This new look which includes a fresh logo for this retail chain has attracted many more shoppers who would in times past, opt for other department stores such as Macy’s and Dillards.

JCPenney weekly ads always feature excellent deals on clothing, electronics, furniture, and pretty much anything else you can think of to fit your lifestyle. Something else you may want to consider is to shop online using JCPenney coupon codes. It’s extremely easy to go on their official website, browse through whatever items you may be looking for, and proceed to the check out where you can enter a discount code for your purchases. Many people find it’s easier to shop by looking at the JCPenney website while at home, finding the items they need, and purchasing those items when they get to the store.

You can click here to access the JCPenney weekly ads.

Favorite Weekly Ad #2

Winn-Dixie Weekly Ads

When it comes to shopping for groceries, the Winn-Dixie weekly ads seem to be a favorite for many shoppers along the southeast coast of United States. This is one of the many supermarket chains that offer a rewards card and without it, you’re stuck in first gear!

It really does not make sense to shop at this supermarket chain without having that rewards card because it offers more discounts that you can imagine. Winn-Dixie weekly ads always offer excellent savings and it is easy to build a shopping list around the many deals and specials throughout their first few pages. Many people who live in the southeast of the US find they can combine the Winn-Dixie weekly ad with other supermarket flyers such as the Publix weekly ads and come out way ahead of the game in savings.

When you’re shopping at this supermarket, don’t forget to buy and include the numerous store brands they have at a very discounted price. Also, consider buying some choice cuts of beef with them; after all, they are known as the “beef people.”

Click here to get your Winn-Dixie weekly ads.
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